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Welcome to Fieldston

            The Fieldston Property Owners Association, Inc. welcomes you to the Fieldston community as a new homeowner and member of the Association. As you know, our privately-owned and maintained community is one of the few uniquely beautiful rustic residential sites remaining in the City of New York. Its beauty is a source of pride not only to Fieldston homeowners but to all Riverdalians and to New Yorkers no matter where they live. We are aware of the special quality of life this community provides and are pledged to preserve this. We hope you will lend your encouragement and support to its maintenance and survival.

            The primary functions of your Association are:


     - The maintenance, including paving, plowing and cleaning of the Fieldston streets, as well as the maintenance and upkeep of the Fieldston sewer mains. The sewer mains in the former Goodridge Estate area however, are owned and maintained by the Riverdale Sanitation Corporation, and those houses connected to their sewers are assessed by that corporation, and not by the F.P.O.A. for sewer maintenance. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please email: or call 212-634-8911.

     - The maintenance of the Fieldston streets in center islands and betweens sidewalks and curbs. The trees belong to Fieldston and are pruned and cared for by the Association's contractors. Any problems or questions about these trees should be referred to the Association's office. Trees in the former Goodridge Estate are not included in this program and members living in that area are not assessed for tree care.

     - The maintenance of a parking and security patrol

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