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Parking Rules and Regulations

All vehicles owned by homeowners and their family members residing in Fieldston must have an FPOA sticker placed on the window of each vehicle.

All guests must display an FPOA visitor permit on their rear view mirror.

If you are having several guests, please advise Excel Security. All guests that do not have a visitor permit must place notification on the dashboard stating they are your guests, include your address and the date.

Any vehicles parked on Fieldston streets that do not have a parking sticker, guest permit, or note at the time of your event, are subject to towing. FPOA members may at no time give permission to non-members to use FPOA streets for commuter or school parking, or for any other reason.

FPOA by-laws state that parking privileges are reserved for members in good standing only. Homeowners who are in arrears on their dues are subject to having their parking privileges revoked.

Please do not depend on Excel Security Guards to recognize vehicles routinely parked near your home.

Automobiles that are towed may  be recovered at the owner's expense. FPOA members are not exempt from this charge is their unidentified vehicles are inadvertently removed.

Landmarks Preservation Commission

Homeowners must apply to Landmarks before doing certain types of work affecting the exterior and/or interior of landmarked properties. In addition to filing for a permit you must submit certain documents and materials that explain the alterations you plan to make.

LPC permits are required for any restoration, alteration, reconstruction, demolition or new construction that affects the exterior of building in a Historic District. LPC permits are NOT required for ordinary repairs and maintenance such as replacing broken glass, repainting a building or feature a color that matches the existing color, and replacing caulking around windows and doors.

If you have any doubt as to whether you need a permit for your project, please call the Commission at 212-669-7855 or log on to 

Sidewalk and Tree Policy

- Sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner. Maintenance shall include but not be limited to, the removal of ice and snow and any other hazards in a timely fashion as well as making any necessary sidewalk repair.

- The roots of FPOA trees may not be cut. It is the homeowner's responsibility to inform their gardeners of this point. The homeowner will be held respsonsible for any damage which occurs to the trees.

- If the roots of an FPOA tree interfere with the homeowner's sidewalk maintenance, the homeowner should notify the FPOA Managing Agent. She will arrange for an arborist to evealuate the situation and recommend a course of action. The arborist's recommendation must be approved by the Board of Directors before it can be implemented.

- Homeowners may not make curb cuts without the approval of the Board of Directors to ensure that no FPOA tree roots will be damaged.

FPOA By-Laws
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